International Trade, Energy & Commodities, Shipping & Aviation

Geneva is one of the biggest commodity trading, shipping, and dedicated services (banking and Insurance) hubs in the world. SMB LAW has a deep knowledge and expertise in all those fields, both in terms of advisory and handling of (pre) contentious matters, including complex international mediations and arbitrations.


SMB LAW advises its clients in international and cross-border transactions, where legal issues have to be assessed in a multi-jurisdictional context used to collaborating with lawyers in different jurisdictions, especially for large scale complex documentation and transactions, including, but not limited to.

– Trading and sale contracts, including quantity and quality, late and non-delivery, laytime, demurrage and detention
– Finance, including letters of credit
– Insurance, including trade disruption
– Performance guarantees
– Transport Agreements
– Charterparties and carriage of goods by sea, including bills of lading and COAs
– Carriage of passengers
– Shipbuilding, conversion, machinery breakdown, repair, and refit
– Ship sale and purchase
– Operations, management, agency, and brokerage
– Ship casualties, collision, grounding, salvage, and pollution
– Bunkering
– Marine insurance and P&I coverage
– Pool arrangements
– Ship/Yacht Building Contracts
– Warehousing and Storage Agreements
– Stock Monitoring and Collateral Management Agreements
– Hedging Agreements
– Specific insurance covers (Cargo, Political risk, Fidelity Insurance)
– Pre-financing facility agreements
– Overdraft facility agreements
– Transactional, secured, and unsecured, committed, and uncommitted facility agreements
– Structured facility agreements
– Reserve based loans
– Borrowing base loans-
– Syndication and (sub) participation agreements, in the primary and secondary syndicated loan markets, under the Loan Market Association (LMA) documentation

SMB LAW offers the best value available for the highest-quality legal representation, with flexible rates and fees structures.